You Are Not Just a Credit Score

Whether you were referred to us by another lender, or you are looking to get a mortgage loan without the traditional requirements, you have come to the right spot. You are not just another face in the crowd, or just another FICO score.

What Sets Us Apart?

You’re not just a client, you’re family. At Pacific Community Lender we understand that all situations are different, which is why we work tirelessly to get you an attractive, low rate. We’re able to work through situations most lenders can’t due to our knowledge and experience in the business.

Not All Situations Are The Same

If you are in a special situation and have been turned down by traditional lenders, we are the right choice for you!

We look forward to helping you get into the perfect loan and meeting all your mortgage and lending needs.

Turned Down Elsewhere?

With our special financing programs, traditional credit checks and high FICO scores are most often NOT necessary. Because we work with a plethora of investors and financial institutions, we are able to offer loans to clients who have been turned down in the past.