I was referred to Clarke of PCL by another lender. They couldn’t help me because of my notice of default the year before and my credit problems. I had a loan mod with the my current lender and I need cash to do improvements and to get out of the current interest rate I had. Clarke has great sense of humor and is easy to talk to, after we discuss a few options he knew exactly what to do. I submitted the paper work that was required and his processor Mary helped with the rest. They both made it easy!

Sherry C, Winters, CA

I was trying to buy a home, my credit was great 800, I had money in the bank to put down 20% and the realtor referred me to a bank. They felt no problem with my loan and I gave them the paper work they requested but as they kept requesting more paper work and ask more questions they said we have a problem. The realtor recommended an other lender I told them what I had just encountered and again they assured me no problem but then again we had a problem with my income.

The realtor then referred me to another lender or in the this case a broker. Of course at this point I was very skeptical that anyone could give me a loan, which didn’t make sense to me. So as I explain to Clarke what I was told and he listened. He told me he was not a bank and that he had more options to approve my loan then a bank. So I gave him all of my paper work and after he reviewed the paper work he told me what he could do. So I listened and follow what he and Mary ask for and I’m now in my new home, with my interest rate lower then the bank!

Guy K, San Jose, CA

I honestly didn’t think anyone could help us out of the financial bind we were in. My income just started increasing but I felt my credit scores weren’t good enough. At least that was what my mortgage note holder told me, so I went online and found PCL. I spoke to Clarke and after we discuss my situation he explain on how he felt he could help. Since my income and credit wasn’t the traditional way, a bank would not do a mortgage. He had other investors to help us out so we were able to use my income along with my wife’s bank statements to qualify us and when all was said and done, I was saving over $2,000 on our monthly outgo and I thought no one could help us!!

Rob D, El Dorado Hills, CA

I was buying a home and the realtor sent me to couple of lenders she used. I was self-employed and I understand in some cases it is difficult to loan someone like me money. Because when your self-employed we can write off numerous expenses. Each lender told me I didn’t make enough money. Very frustrating as we have money in the bank and our credit scores are good, but then one of the lenders mention to me to contact Clarke with PCL.

We contacted Clarke, he did review my income the same way that the other lenders did but he ask if my business was paying for some of our personal bills. I said yes and then he went to work. I don’t know all the in’s and outs of what he did but I use only one year of taxes instead of two years that the other lenders asked for and was able to get our loan approved and with a great rate on top of it.

I have my own business and this is the way I like to treat my customers. Making them feel important and handling business with professionalism.

Don M, Fairfield, CA